Italy Exports aims to present to foreign operators a selection of Italian companies in leading industries.


The Italian export of goods and services could arrive, already this year, even if in the last quarter it will continue this positive trend, to touch the 450 billion euros.
Growth between 6 and 7 compared to 417 billion put in sign in 2016.
This is because Italian exports reached € 330.7 billion in the first 9 months of 2017, growing by 7.3 compared to 2016. Growth that is concentrated above all in non- European countries (8.4 ) and which exceeds both the average level of world trade (4.6 ) and the performances achieved in the same period by Germany (6.4 ) and France (4.1).

Italy needs to accelerate on three important aspects.
Improve distribution channels (the Italian market share in the US in the last 5 years has grown due to investments in distribution penetration);
make the e-commerce channel work (where the Italian product is often not original or is not directly managed by national operators) and make the most of international trade agreements and inter- nazionalization.

Internationalization is an opportunity that is having more and more success among the expansion options of many entrepreneurs, especially in SMEs.

The most common reasons why SMEs turn to internationalization are usually related to one of these issues:
– Declining sales
– Saturated and stagnant domestic market
“Acquiring information” is rarely mentioned in the list of reasons why a business beco- mes international, but carries a great importance. In fact, companies who don’t consi- der this factor tend to find themselves in a very vulnerable position. We must always be aware of what competitors offer and how they offer it, in order to give added value to our own offer in any market.