Italy Exports aims to present to foreign operators a selection of Italian companies in leading industries.


Internationalization is the process by which Companies not only expand their sales on various foreign markets, but from the same markets they draw their supply of raw materials, components, technologies, facilities, equipment , financial resources, labor.
Globalization and the breaking down of borders gave a breakthrough in this respect by creating countless opportunities to businesses, opportunities to learn and understand new markets anywhere in the world.
Internationalization is one of the most important challenges for the Italian entrepreneurial system, and still more it will be in the future. Yet, many Italian companies are poorly prepared to cross national borders and express a strong need to better understand foreign markets, the opportunities they offer and how to operate more efficiently in each foreign country.
The Made in Italy has come a long way to get to cover the importance of today.
Its strength lies in the originality, quality and value of Italian creations, in many areas; characteristics that, in the era of globalization, however, run the serious risk of being swept away by the strong appeal of low cost labor or of delocalisation, with the result, therefore, of losing their uniqueness, the immediacy of recognition and consequently their strength in the market.
The same words “Made in Italy” may not represent any more unique values, no longer bringing the added value of a time. Italy Exports aims to present to Europe and the rest of the World a selection of companies that have in their DNA the ability to internationalize and export, introducing outside national borders their capacity to innovate and the great quality of their products. Italy Exports wants to be partner and driver of this trend towards foreign markets.